Monday, May 30, 2011

Field Day Fun!

Remember when we had that glorious week of snow days back in January? It was such a fun week off! Well, it wasn't so fun on Memorial Day when the kids had to go to school as a makeup day!! :( But the school very smartly scheduled field day for that day too - probably because otherwise none of the kids would have wanted to go. I admit - I didn't really want them to go to school either, but knew they weren't about to miss field day! They were totally excited. And it was one of those days that made me SO thankful to be a stay at home mom. Because I was able to go and watch them laugh and giggle and be silly and have fun. And because it WAS Memorial Day, David had the day off and came along with the kids and I. The boys LOVED having him there!!!

Why are we here mom? it's hot! And there are lots of kids playing around outside but you want me to sit here in my boring stroller?
This kid shows his JOY like nobody else!! Unbridled!! I love it!
that soccer ball is calling my name!
the parachute - this was ALWAYS my favorite thing about PE!

Even on field day, they lined up like good little ducks when Mrs. Stewart called them!
This was a cool game. Each team had 3 little half-tubes. They had to try to get a golf ball all the way across by moving the tubes from the front to the back as a transport. It took them a while to get the hang of it,but it was very fun!

Two football players from LHS came to show the kids how this game worked - the kids (especially the boys!) were in AWE!
Hurdles! :)

A few of the girls were a little tuckered out!
This relay included saying the pledge of allegiance. The kids thought that was hilarious!

Popsicle time! :)
Jacob's class was done with their field games and they headed back inside.

Next it was time for the 2nd graders to take the field! Here comes Josiah's class!

Kids at this age are so fun. All these silly little uncomplicated games were absolutely hilarious to them - they had so much fun and I LOVED getting to watch them and cheer everyone on!

Can you imagine all the laughs when the teacher told them this was how they had to run the relay!

Josiah's my reserved, internal child - so this look on his face is HUGE!!! :)
See? Back to very thoughtful, serious, focused Josiah.
The class was waiting to rotate to the next station and we had a few minutes, so the teacher let Callie have a turn at it - she took it very seriously!
And then Caleb had a turn....
...and BOY was he excited!

During the soccer kick game, the younger kids and I stood behind the goal to help chase down stray balls. Callie especially loved this because she was SO proud of herself that she could be so helpful to the big kids!

Callie and Caleb and I got to participate with the parachute - we ALL loved it!
And then my camera battery died so I didn't get any more pictures. We had so much fun though. I loved that David got to be a part of it too - a special treat!


sandi said...

great field day fun! the beach ball relays look like a hoot! why is it always held on the hottest day of the year to date? i have yet to figure that out.

anthonyandbeth said...

Looks like such a fun field day!!! Caleb and Callie look like theynloved being part of it :-)