Sunday, May 15, 2011

Under God's Sea in 3D

Once again, I was SO super proud of my kids' choirs! Their musical was called "Under God's Sea in 3D" and it followed the students in the Alleluia Aquatic Academy as they sought to learn more about God as they went way deep in the ocean in their submarine. It was a GREAT musical - fun music, catchy motions, and LOTS of Scriptural truths in the songs! I don't choose cutesy musicals - I choose solid programs with Biblical truth in their to get programmed into their minds and hearts!! We had a GREAT time working on it, and the kids were outstanding!

When we did our musical at christmas, I was so overloaded and stressed that I had forgotten to give David the camera to take pictures. I made sure he got some this time! After all, I was directing, but I still wanted proof of my own adorable kids! :)
David took lots of very unflattering pictures of me directing and doing the crazy choreography...which I promptly deleted. But at least this one proves that I was there and directing! :)

Professor Gill and the God Squad :) in their submarine
Josiah's in the brown shirt right in the middle - singing his little heart out :)

In the middle of one of our songs called "Daily Divin' Deeper", there were 4 Scripture verses that were read out by our characters. The song was all about diving deeper into God's Word so that we can know him better. I decided to challenge the whole choir (from 4 year olds up to the directors!) to memorize all 4 of these verses, and they did! Almost every single person! I was so proud of them. I chose these 4 kids to recite them during the song on behalf of our choir, and was so proud of them!

Jacob's in the yellow shirt in the 2nd row. :) He enjoyed himself...and the poison ivy was all gone thankfully!

Two of my main characters getting ready to go on an underwater expedition :)

Josiah had a solo during the song "Dive" (you know the one- by Steven Curtis Chapman). He did great! :)
...and apparently the SECOND he was done singing, he bolted to get back in his place with the choir! :) David asked me if I had told him to hurry or something, because he did! :)


Heather said...

cute! cailey's choir did that one last spring:)

anthonyandbeth said...

Great pictures! We love the cd you gave us :-). I'm so glad i got to see you lead your choir when i was there. I'm so very proud of you my talented and self sacrificing friend! You give and give and give of yourself and God continues to fill you up and you turn around and give more. Amazing!