Friday, May 6, 2011

Gone Pickin'....Again!

I had decided that I didn't really NEED to take the boys to school late one morning but that we could WAIT until Friday after school and go immediately to pick berries. I started to worry Friday morning when it started raining mid-morning... and kept raining for a few hours. But it cleared up and the sun was shining and fields were open by the afternoon - so we were ready to go! Once the boys got home, we were off!!

Another PLUS for having a big family - lots of helpful pickers! :)

We convinced some friends to join us! Keatley was a GREAT picker!
Jacob filled up his basket pretty quickly and then started collecting them in his shirt to fill up Caleb's bucket.
I was obviously in Caleb's way of seeing something!
This picture was all Jacob's idea!
The whole picking crew! You can see Alli & Carlie way in the back, Callie sort of meandering around, Jacob hopping over plants (NOT allowed...), and Cooper and Josiah hard at work. Oh, and David with that look on his face that says "Haven't we gotten enough berries yet? Seriously we need 6 more buckets?"
Callie and Carlie - these two are hilarious together! Callie was super excited because we were doing a kidswap that night - she was going to spend the night at Carlie's house, and Cooper was coming to spend the night with us! :)

All the Schrodts! :) And 6 more full baskets of strawberries - yum!
The Michaels - their daddy was out of town but they managed to get 4 basketfuls! :)
Callie was so excited about going to Carlie's house - no teary goodbyes from her! When we got in the van to go to the strawberry field, she announced to the family "I'm going to sleep at Carlie's house tonight and you all are going to miss me so much!" :)

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