Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can we move Mother's Day off of a Sunday?

I'm SO thankful for our Fridays because our Sundays are always crazy! I should have thought about this and just declared Friday to be Mother's Day instead of on Sunday. We had a lovely day Friday. Saturday we had great soccer games in the morning but Callie came home cranky (because she didn't go to sleep at her friend's house until 10 pm...that girl is always so afraid she's missing a party!) and I had a TON of things to do! David had a band rehearsal for our upcoming worship concert and I was preparing for the first of two dress rehearsals with my KidShape choir. I left the house at 3:30 to help with some of the staging/set design and then started our rehearsal at 5 pm. We finished up at 8 but I didn't get home until almost 9:30 pm. Totally wiped out! As we were heading to bed, David said "don't forget - I may need you to sing a solo in the first service because Laurie (the scheduled soloist) has come down with bronchitis. Oh man. I listened to the song one time and then headed to bed - sure that she was going to be fine to sing in the morning. Also was wondering about Jacob - he'd been rubbing his face a lot that afternoon and during rehearsal, and when we headed home, his eyes were looking puffy. Wondering if he had some kind of reaction to something. Took me a LONG time to fall asleep even though I was exhausted - but just could not shut my brain off!

Woke up in the morning - was greeted by sweet faces saying "Happy Mother's Day" and began getting the kids and I ready for church. David got a text as he was walking out the door from the soloist - it's a no go, she's still too sick and can't hit the high notes. So happy mother's day to me, but I'm on! That meant as the kids hurried to eat a bowl of cereal, I sat at the computer to listen to the song one more time before we had to head out the door (30 minutes early) so I could sound check my solo. Jacob's face was still quite red and puffy so I knew he was going to have to stay with me. We get to church and I sound check the solo - having sung through the song only twice - and then run to the other building where I was late to practice for with the praise band (bc I was singing BGVs for David in the contemporary service). Was able to sing through the last 2 songs of the set with them before running back over to sing in the first service. Jacob sat IN the choir loft with me (on the floor, but I saw him sit up and peek up over the railing a few times). He was pathetic - I know he was just super uncomfortable!! Got through the solo and only messed up a line or two and then took Jacob up to David's office. After we were done with both services, David asked if i wanted to go out to lunch and I said NO! I just wanted to go home. Jacob was pretty miserable, everyone was tired - we wanted to go home and relax.

We ate leftover pizza and then Caleb and I went upstairs to take a nap! The other kids played some video games with David and then when I woke up (from a GREAT nap), we enjoyed some quiet, down time. It just felt good to be all together with no where we had to go or be or do. We were going to go bowling, but the alley was closed for Mother's Day (isn't that the cutest? it's like we live in a small town or something!) so we scratched that and went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday instead. There was a 40 minute wait, so we walked across the street and amused ourselves by looking at the random (and I do mean random!) toys at Ross!

Once we got to dinner, we all enjoyed it. I had some grilled salmon and roasted asparagus that was delish, and their salad bar is always SO yummy! Jacob was petering out (as you can see - he ended up in my lap for most of it) but everyone else ate well and behaved well! We even had an older couple stop and tell us how precious our children were and how well behaved they were!

The compliment must have jinxed us because as soon as Caleb was done eating, he was ready to go. I had finished eating and took the boys outside with me while David and Callie finished up. They drove matchbox cars around outside for a few minutes, and then when we were ALL finished, we headed to TCBY!
I got a FREE waffle cone since it was Mother's Day and we all enjoyed our special dessert. It's been a long time since I'd been there but it was delicious!
The mark of good ice cream - new colors all over your hands and face! :)

So I'm thankful and so very blessed that I have four precious children that call me Mom. I laughed to myself several times throughout the day because it was a crazy weekend. Crazy schedule. Exhausted. Sick child. But i wouldn't change it for the world. Except maybe to move all holidays to a different day of the week other than Sunday!

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sandi said...

when we were at shores it was hard because we were at church for such a LLOONNGG time. it is easier now but i understand for those in the ministry it can be hard. you should declare THIS coming friday as mother's day and maybe jacob will feel better by then!