Saturday, May 21, 2011

Callie's Date with Mom & Dad

Callie got to be first to have her one-on-one date. Lucky for her, the perfect opportunity came up! Our senior pastor's daughter was getting married! Callie was SUPER excited to go see Miss Mary get married! :)
Does she look excited or what? (See the black and white bow that was on all the pews? Loved it!)
It was a beautiful ceremony! Her colors were black and lime green and I LOVED all the color accents everywhere!
During the ceremony, Callie must have asked me 100 times "When is she going to kiss the prince?!?!" It was very cute. I'm not sure if it's because we just watched the Royal Wedding not long ago, or if it's just because in her mind everything is a fairy tale. Either way, it was a cute question! :)
Her cake! :)

We enjoyed our evening with Callie. The boys were all home with a babysitter and so we enjoyed spending the evening just with her. She LOVED all the fun decorations and fancy things that go along with a wedding! A girly girl's favorite things for sure!


Courtney said...

LOVE the colors!!

sandi said...

what a fun girly thing to do! i am sure she loved being the only with BOTH of you ~ probably a rare thing. she is growing so much!

anthonyandbeth said...

I love the colors! I also love that you took Callie! I can tell by her expression she was in heaven! :-)