Saturday, May 7, 2011


Because we had a friend over, I let the boys play their DS games while we were waiting at the field. They had to hide in the shade behind chairs to be able to see their screens though! (and since I was attempting to video tape the games, it helped keep them occupied!)
After Callie's game, she saw an airplane fly over us and said "It's Tutu! She's flying to see us!" I told her that it wasn't (sadly - I wish it was!) and so then she needed to call Tutu and see for herself :)
Some tired little soccer players! :) I got great footage of Jacob and Callie's games - they both did great and are really pretty amazing little players. Callie and Caleb were both melting down during Josiah's game, so I'll try and tape his next time. Sigh. It seems as though every time I pull the camera out to tape the kids go bananas!!!

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