Friday, May 20, 2011

Josiah's Field Trip to the Zoo

On Friday, Josiah had ANOTHER field trip - this time to the zoo! They didn't need me to be an official chaperone but said that we were welcome to meet them there and tag along! :) As we were driving there, Callie was talking all about her favorite things that she was going to do. I reminded her that we were there today with josiah's class - and that his teacher was the boss! (This is the problem when you have a membership - callie is used to getting to do whatever we want when we go - all the activities are free for members). She was mad and said "No! I don't want to do that. I want to do what I want to do!" I almost laughed. But didn't - and reminded her again that if she couldn't follow directions from the teacher we'd have to leave! :) When the school first got there, they got to go into a special wildlife classroom for a special lesson, so I took advantage of that time to take Callie and Caleb around to do a few things that the 2nd graders wouldn't want to do! It worked out great!

We took 2 other little boys with us to go around the zoo until it was time to report back. I let the boys wear our membership bracelets so they got to do some of the fun member-freebies, like feeding the birds and the giraffes! :)

We had a great time! Have I said how much FUN school is? :)

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