Monday, May 2, 2011

I couldn't take it any longer!

I'm a bad mommy. I just couldn't take it any longer. I took Callie and Caleb strawberry picking on Monday morning while the other boys were at school.
I just couldn't wait any longer. Our fields here opened up the first week of April, and we just have not been able to find a time when all 6 of us could go! It's a HUGE family tradition - we've done it every year since Josiah was born. But with soccer and Easter and birthdays, we haven't had a chance yet.
So Monday morning I couldn't stand it any longer. I refused to buy strawberries in the store again when I knew I could get better ones in the field and for cheaper! So I took the younger two, KNOWING the boys were going to be so mad, and decided we'd just get a couple of baskets to get me through until we could ALL go later this week!
On the way to the fields, I called my Mom and asked her if I'd be a terrible mom if I sent my boys to school late one day so that we could go strawberry picking! :) She laughed and gave me her permission! (I actually think we're going to go Friday as soon as they are done with school - that way David can come too...)
So in spite of my guilt, and my frustration at only getting 2 baskets instead of my normal 6-8 baskets, we got some WONDERFUL berries. Big and beautiful and red and juicy! Caleb LOVED being in on the action this year and not just strapped in the stroller!
Later that night, we were doing "highs" and "lows" of the day around the dinner table. Jacob said his "low" was that I went strawberry picking without him! OHHHH just kill me now! I knew they were going to be mad. I told him AGAIN that I just got a few so that we could eat them and remember how excited you were when you got to eat strawberries this afternoon for snack and that I PROMISED we were all going to go picking SOON!!
And by the way, we ate one entire bucket before David got home at dinner time! Caleb's cheeks even broke out a little bit - and I think it's from eating SO many strawberries!!! Can't blame him!

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anthonyandbeth said...

We can't wait to go to. Hoping for this weekend