Monday, May 9, 2011

Honest Thoughts by Josiah

I found this paper in the stack of papers from church yesterday - it was one of Josiah's:

The paper read:

"It was hard for Jesus to die on the cross, but he did it because he loved us so much and he knew God needed him to do it; it had to be done so we could all have eternal life. What have you done that was hard but you did it anyway because you knew it had to be done?"

Here's what Josiah wrote:

"I was making a card for my mom for mother's day but I wanted to play my DSI. I knew it had to be done though."

HA! Don't you love the warm and fuzzy sentiment for mother's day? It had to be done! :)

1 comment:

sandi said...

sounds like sam... i WANT to shoot baskets but i know i HAVE to finish this card for my mom. such love these boys have for us!