Friday, May 13, 2011

Field Trip to the SC Book Festival

On Friday, I got to be one of the chaperones for Josiah's class field trip! All of the 2nd grade classes from our school were invited to be a part of the South Carolina Book Festival downtown! I was super excited and Josiah was beside himself with anticipation! I even got to ride the bus with them! :) (Funniest thing - as we were approaching downtown where the festival was being held, we could see the skyline of the city buildings ahead of us. One of the kids shouted out "WHOA! I can see the skyscrapers!" You'd think we were pulling into NYC - not Columbia! But it was a big deal and a new experience for many of these kids! :) )

This is Josiah's buddy Will. They were in the same class together for 1st grade too. His mom and I worked together last year with alot of room mom stuff and then discovered at THIS year's open house that David knows Will's dad! Will's dad is one of the music pastors at another church here in town - and it only took us a year to put those pieces together! Isn't that funny? A small world! :)
That's alot of 2nd graders! They were wonderful though - listened SO well and SO well behaved the whole day! I was very impressed!
We headed into this ballroom at the convention center and got to meet Melinda Long - a wonderful children's author. She wrote "How I Became a Pirate" and "Pirates Don't Change Diapers" - two incredibly popular books illustrated by David Shannon that my kids LOVE! :) She was a great speaker - told them the whole process of how she began writing (at age 6 - her mom gave her a set of stamps and some paper and told her to use them to make a story!) and then all about the writing process. How long it takes, how many revisions, how she came up with the ideas, etc. She was wonderful! She showed them a few copies of her books that have been printed in other countries (the coolest is the Hebrew version - because it opens from right to left and that's how it is printed!) The kids were totally captivated! They got to ask her a few questions at the end, and she read both of her books to us! Loved it!
Cocky, the mascot for USC, came in to say hello to the students. The lady in the left of the picture is the president of USC's wife! She's an important lady!!!
The kids were all given a few gifts before we left the convention center - a wristband, some silly bands, and a free chapter book - and then we got back on the buses to head to a park for lunch. Josiah was excited that he had a lunchable! :) We ate outside in a pavillion and then enjoyed playing at a playground for a while!
There's nothing better than a HUGE open field and a good old game of tag! :) It was so much fun and I loved seeing Josiah with his classmates. School is SO much fun - I LOVE it!

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