Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Williams' - Short but Sweet

We were lucky enough to see the Williams' really quickly as they passed through on their way to vacation. They got in late Friday night and had to leave after lunch on Saturday. We LOVED having them - it was a treat since I had just seen Beth & the kids a few weeks ago...and we have a visit to Raleigh in July!!
Anthony was a willing participant in David's Rockband addiction.
Jackson & Addison
The girls - Callie - and Addison - being silly girls!
I love looking out from my kitchen and seeing these sweet friends! :)
Callie was "reading books" to Addison - my blog books! :)
(And do you like Callie's outfit? Beth had brought Callie's birthday present down with her and Callie immediately stripped down and put everything on - the dress AND rainboots! :) )
The boys all went to a building workshop at Lowe's in the morning - they made monster trucks!
(David got home from their adventure and said "I just noticed the camera was in the van...I bet you wanted me to take pictures of them building, didn't you?" Yep, but that's okay - an "after" picture will suffice!
Sneaking a roll before lunch :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

i have sneaked into Vonda's office and hijacked her computer just to see what's going on in blog world. i am SO out of touch! 2 weeks away is too long. :) love our quick visit and love that those are OK with you. :) can't wait to see you in July!!! we are making up for lost time! WOO HOO!