Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visions of Sandi's House Dancing in my Head

Remember my "funky" post from Sunday night. Well, I went to bed and was hopeful to wake up with a happy heart. I was okay when I got up, and then as I sat down on the couch to nurse Caleb, David says to me "by the way, the upstairs hallway carpet is soaking wet." WHAT?!?!? Turns out our washing machine had an "issue" during the night and soaked the carpet uptairs in the hallway. Good grief.

A little background - I've noticed some small amounts of water on occasion in the laundry room over the last couple of weeks. SMALL puddles - seriously. Never got close to exiting the laundry room where the carpet is. David looked (not intensely), but looked to see if he could tell where it was coming from. Couldn't. It was on my list - to pull out the paperwork from the extended warranty (which I NEVER buy, but did for this because of what my friend SANDI went through last year...). Was going to pull the paperwork, call, etc, etc, but hadn't gotten around to it. I've just been keeping an eye on the machine when I run it to make sure everything is okay.

Well, Sunday night, before going to bed, I checked the washer and it had 9 more minutes left on the cycle. There was some water on the floor, so I cleaned it up with the pool towels that were on the floor in there to be washed. Figured it would be okay since the cycle was almost over. Apparently NOT a good idea! :)

to make a long story short, the connector hose came loose in the back and water just poured out of that thing. Sigh. After calling the service plan people on Monday morning and hearing that the connector is NOT covered (even though THEY are the ones that installed it! grrr...), David investigated a little more and was able to fix the problem himself by tightening the connector...or whatever it's called. Had to drain some water from the bottom of the machine (which means tilt the thing over and hurry and sop up the water with towels....) but all is well. The carpet is now dry, but I'm waiting to hear back from the carpet cleaners to see when they can come out and clean it. There is one LITTLE water spot in the kitchen (underneath where the water spill was), but it doesn't look like anything major.

So my Monday didn't start really great. :) Yesterday was better though - and it ended with the other Pastors' Wives coming over for dessert and coffee. It was SO good - just what my heart needed. Some fellowship with other women who are in the EXACT same boat that I am - who know the stresses and heartaches like no one else does. Women who are at the next stage of life and can encourage me with the stage that I'm struggling with. It was so good to just connect with them again and spend a great time in prayer together and for each other. Very thankful.


the wiedmaiers said...

i thought this was going to be a nice post about something great about my house... but no you had to post about the flood (the one that rivaled the genesis one ;)) sorry that happened but glad that it was not to the extent of our issue last year... three months of living through construction was enough! glad david was able to fix the problem!

the wiedmaiers said...

good thing you don't have visions of my house in your head right now ~ one word: messy

the wiedmaiers said...

go to for a little chuckle

sorry i did not have all my thoughts together at one time!

anthonyandbeth said...

i am SO glad you had some time with the ladies the other night. just what you needed!!! and glad the water thing worked out and wasn't worse!

Courtney said...

good grief! one of those weeks...huh?? thankful for your friends. i am feeling the need for an "older" woman right now...something i'm praying for...

i love you! i want to catch up soon!!