Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some rock & roll, some swimming, and some shells!

David was able to come home early on Tuesday afternoon to spend some time with his mom. He came home with some new toys too - someone gave him their rockband equipment for the Wii - so he HAD to stop and get the LEGO Rockband game for the Wii (at least it was on sale) to bring home. His mom got a total kick out of watching that!!

Here's David singing - he can sing on"expert" level - go figure! Maybe he should do it for a living! :)
David trying to teach Callie the drums...the boys are actually pretty good at it. I'm pretty good too - as long as I stay on "super easy" level! :)
We went for a late afternoon swim before dinner - the water felt so good...these 100 degree days are rough!
Guess who enjoyed the Stuffed Shells that I made for dinner! :)

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