Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spending a little time with cousins!

We were so excited to get to be a pitt stop for the Oates family on their way to Virginia! When I first told the kids their cousins were coming and were going to get to see us on their way to vacation, they were thrilled!! Jacob said "So they're going to come in our house and play for a few minutes and then keep driving to their vacation?" :) He was excited to hear they were staying for more than a few minutes and were in fact going to spend the night before continuing their trip the next morning!

They arrived at about 3:00 pm and it wasn't long before everyone was getting bathing suits on to head down to the pool for a bit!

John was working on teaching Caleb his shape sorter ball :)
Matthew and Callie had a lot to catch up on the walk down to the pool (and yes, Callie was "mowing the lawn" on her way...)
The big boys - Josiah, Luke, Jacob, and John....they tend to be in their own world and I hardly see any of them when they are all together! :)
Mary was relaxing poolside... obviously experienced Mom of 4. She's got a 2 year old in the pool, listening attentively to my 3 year old talk her ear off, and has a hand on the 10 month old baby....she's a pro!

Walking back home to get dinner going...

It didn't take long for the Pastor Davids to delve into a deep theological or ministry-related conversation! :)
We let the big boys play the Star Wars video game for a few minutes while we were getting dinner on the table.
Mary and Callie (the ONLY granddaughters!!!) painted their nails (this is what Callie had been talking about for DAYS! Wondering if Mary would paint her nails...)
I caught David Oates sitting on the couch reading to was so precious! He's a great dad to his kids - and a super uncle to mine! :)

This was the goodnight hug between the 4 boys - I thought some of their heads might pop right off! :) I love that they love each other so much!


Courtney said...

wow! what a fun visit!!! all of kim's kids are so BIG!

anthonyandbeth said...

i love the picture of Callie and Mary! how cute! i'm so glad they were able to stop in at the Schrodt Bed & Breakfast. :)