Thursday, June 3, 2010

Josiah's Last Day of 1st Grade!

The kids and I joined Josiah at about 9:00 on Thursday for his end-of-the-year party. It had been such a fun week and I knew he was excited about the party.

The kids headed outside to the courtyard for some fun games including a sack race...
...and a good old water balloon toss!! They thought this was hilariously fun (and were too young to think about sabbotage!)
Josiah made it to the final four...
...and then the final three. On the next toss, all 3 teams popped their balloons at the same time!
The room mom had arranged for two of the high school cheerleaders to come and do face painting for the kids (Cougar Prints...that's our mascot). See how EXCITED Jacob was (remember the disappointment from the library the day before?) It made my heart happy! :)
These kids sure do love to get their faces painted! (and they used these cool face painting markers - so much easier!)
Ella and Josiah (that's an awfully big smile from Josiah...)
The party was a carnival theme complete with popcorn and cotton candy!

Mrs. Bickley and Josiah

We had such a great year this year in 1st grade. It was a huge unknown heading in to the year - new school, new grade, new class - everything. Josiah has really grown this year - he's done great academically, but we knew that he would. What he has surprised us with is how much he has grown socially and in his confidence. He has come out of this year with this newfound confidence and self-assurance that we have been so excited to see! Mrs. Bickley was the perfect teacher for him - exactly who we prayed for. She encouraged him all year long and challenged him to keep growing and learning. We are SO thankful to have had her, and hope she can teach all the rest of our kids!

Now I'm excited to have Josiah back home with us every day. A change in routine and schedule that I'm looking forward to. It will change the dynamic again to have 4 back at home, but I am SO excited to have all my little chicks back in the nest! He's excited to get to be home too and do all our "daily" stuff with us. Hooray for summer vacation! :)


the wiedmaiers said...

mrs. bickley looks like she is 12!

Courtney said...

SO jealous you guys are done. and SO thankful for the GREAT year josiah had! i remember talking to you about it last summer!!! and praying for him (and you!)

anthonyandbeth said...

i know you are SO VERY proud of Josiah! i am thrilled that his year was SO awesome! he'll be excited to have Jacob join him in school this fall! ;)