Tuesday, June 1, 2010

100 Book Club

All the 1st grade classes at Josiah's school took part in a reading challenge all year long - for each child to read and log 100 books read. It was a great way to motivate and chart the kids' progress throughout the year. I remember when we first got to see Josiah's classroom at the beginning of the year and he saw the chart, he thought 100 books sounded like SO many!!! Well, he ended up reading over 300 - and in truth, he probably only logged half of the ones he actually read. He is a reading machine!

Tuesday was the celebration day for all the kids that achieved 100 books read. They each got a certificate and tshirt if they met this milestone. The kids were astounded to hear that, in total, the 1st graders read 21, 570 books this year! That's awesome! Of the kids who reached 100 books, 4 students from each class were picked in a raffle to win a $5 gift card to Books-a-Million, and Josiah was one of the lucky ones! Very exciting - it's going to be HARD for him to decide what he wants to buy there, I just know it! :)
Here's Mrs. Bickley handing Josiah his certificate, and Mr. Cook (one of the Asst. Principals) handing him the tshirt...
...and then my camera battery died and I couldn't get any more pictures!

The other exciting news is that they picked Josiah's design to put on the tshirts! All the first graders had to draw a picture that went along with the theme for 100 Book Club this year, which was "Cougars Win in 2010". Josiah drew a gold medel that had a "100" in the middle, with cougar paw prints around it. I was SO excited for him - when I congratulated him afterwards, he said "that's not what I drew. I drew my picture on a piece of paper." He cracks me up. After explaining to him the process and that they used his DESIGN to put on the shirts, he was excited too! Once my camera charges, I'll take a picture of the shirt he designed! :) All this end of the year stuff is so fun! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

so cool! i know you are so proud of your big boy!