Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's been a full few weeks. Obviously. That's partly why I'd gotten so behind with my blogging. Full days. We are in the final days before VBS kicks off next week, so that has meant extra meetings and practices (I'm in charge of the music this week). Some WONDERFUL visits with friends. Extra appointments (dentist...ugh!) and things that have filled up our schedule. Children who need LOTS of training...and patience which has NOT been plentiful with me lately. (Case in point: Callie got up during naptime 3 times in one day and got ALL into my nailpolish. Painted her fingers and toes (and half of my bathroom floor)...had to throw everything frustrating...and exhausting...and wearying...and slightly hilarious when her answer to 'why did you do this Callie' was "because I just wanted my hands to be beautiful!") I'm such a homebody - I like to have quiet days at home. Not that it's quiet here in my house. At all. But I really do enjoy days when we don't go anywhere. Or at least no where in the morning. Or no errands in the afternoon. The last 2 weeks have been rushing here or there. This week was consumed with the mulching project. Consumed every minute of naptimes for several days - which meant nothing else got done.

And it continues. David's mom arrives tomorrow evening from Memphis to stay with us until next Thursday. We're all so looking forward to her visit. But Sunday is a FULL day with Father's Day, (oh by the way it's our 12th anniversary too), David is doing a funeral that afternoon, and Monday kicks off VBS week. So lots going on. Great stuff. But makes for a full calendar. Praying that we ALL get the rest that we need so we can have happy hearts (of course I'm saying that as it's 1:08 AM and I'm still UP!!!). Still trying to remain very intentional with our time in the midst of all the busyness too!


anthonyandbeth said...

praying for you this week and that all goes well and you can enjoy the fullness of the week ahead! i know EXACTLY how you feel about the homebody stuff. i get in a real funk when we have weeks like least you'll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel as you go into the week!

and sweet sweet Callie, she loves all things girly. :)

Courtney said...

it's SO hard to balance it all, isn't it??? i know you are doing GREAT!