Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cue Sad, Boyz II Men Song... know the one..."It's so hard to say goodbye...". Wednesday finally came around and it was SO hard waking up knowing that it was the last day of our visit. The only thing that made it a teeny bit better was that we've already got the next visit on the calendar, and it's not that far away!!!
Are these boys surrounded by fun or what?
Callie and Addison were getting nice and Squeak. E. Clean upstairs...

And then I looked around and everyone was playing a game with their buddy! Jacob and Jackson were playing the "Hulk Smash!" game (of course...)

Addison and Callie were playing Hungry Hippos (and with their purses at the same time...)

and Harrison and Josiah were playing Guess Who! It was the cutest - seeing them all paired off like that! A lot of the time, they just travel in a herd, so this was really cute!
Our new neighbors next door are having their background landscaped, so the machines arriving provided quite a bit of exciting entertainment for our boys!
We went to the pool for ONE last swim...
While Beth got their stuff all packed up, our kids sat and looked...and our blog books together. Beth brought hers so I could see them and we stayed up WAY too late in the night on Tuesday night going through them together. It was so fun sitting together on the couch and remembering our children when they were younger and seeing pictures of different events - laughing at the funny things our kids have said. I have that picture in my head and I LOVED it! Then to see our kids gathered around these special books and enjoying them as much as we did - it was a special memory. Come back soon - we LOVED every minute!!


anthonyandbeth said...

the visit was perfect Katy. did MY heart so much good. it was hard for me to leave. it was hard to drive 6 hours after my time there and it went down fast...straight into a real funk. sniff sniff! another reason why i can't let the visits be so few and far between! so glad we have more visits on the calendar!!! woo hoo!

i love the picture of the kids looking at the blog books. i loved how they remember so much about each other and their growing up together. i hope it will ALWAYS be that way!

anthonyandbeth said...

oh...i still have more today. i love our boys. i love boys. but wasn't it SO fun to see our girls PLAYING together this time. that was FUN for me! :)