Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Mulch Arrives!

Now that we were committed to getting our backyard back into shape, we ordered our mulch and had it delivered on Saturday morning. We were able to get a good deal from the company our neighbors are using and so two giant trucks arrived with a LOT of mulch!!!

here's the FIRST truckload...

Mound #1

And there's the 2nd truckload!!
I about DIED when David told us how much mulch we were going to need. We've just never had a yard like this so it was a bit overwhelming to me. And of course all this mulch in the DRIVEWAY means a LOT of work in the future to put it where it's supposed to go!!! Sigh...It's going to be a long week!


anthonyandbeth said...

mulching. it's not the most fun thing but it will give you a good work out! :) you will feel muscles you didn't know you had! :)

Judy said...

Oh my that looks like a lot of work. We're going to do that next year. This year I'm just trying to survive with all the grass we have to mow.
I broke down and hired a boy from church to come help me since it's fireworks season and Ryan is not around. I just can't do weed eating!!!! Nor do I want to!