Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's so special having friends that we are doing life with. Beth & I met when we each only had one child - Harrison was 15 months old, and Josiah was about 9 months old. We were at a mall playground when Josiah took his first steps. We've had 5 more children together. We've been through job changes, moves, family drama, parenting challenges, becoming runners!! :), triumphs, failures, and everything in between. This visit was SO what my heart needed - it's just so wonderful to have friends visit where everything just falls into place. I can relax and be myself - there's no pretense, no pretending. It just is life. And I love having them as part of it! :)

Jackson and Caleb playing ball
These girls were a HOOT together!!!!

We caught them on the couch just giggling away..."talking" about who knows what, but having a great time doing it! :)

Some light sabre action in the backyard
We spent some time that afternoon at the pool, but with 7 kids in the pool, neither mommy had extra hands for taking pictures! You'll just have to take our word for it! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

i'm loving all these pictures and so excited they will be in another blog book. :) you're new camera is GREAT! love the pix of the girls on the couch. and thank you for loving addison through her 'squeals' as you so nicely put it. callie knew it was 'screaming' and was quick to make sure addison knew she was going to lose her shows if she didn't stop. ha ha ha!!! i LOVE CALLIE!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

and we have been through so much together and i love being in denial about our long-distance relationship. ;) i'm thankful i can relax and be myself too!!! such freedom to just be and it's so refreshing katy! i love all we've been through, i look forward to all we will go through, and i love YOU!