Friday, June 25, 2010

Closing VBS Program

Trying to reach that next shelf of books...he's all the way on his tippy toes! :)
My proud gardeners with the first fruit of their labors...a tomato! :)
(Update as of June 30: David ate it last night and said it was AMAZING! Now we've got 2 more tomatoes growing as well as 2 jalapenos! Everything else is looking good!!)

We had a closing program on Friday night for the kids to get to do their songs for the parents. My kids (I don't think they were the only ones either...) were pretty much fried - it had been a FULL week and they were exhausted...and of course the program fell right at bedtime. I had to be on stage with all the kids, so David was on his own. It was not super enjoyable...for anyone.
The preschoolers got to perform their songs for us....
...except Jacob refused to go on stage...not sure why, but he did NOT want to...
...see Callie over on the right hand side? In the cowboy hat? The ONLY one NOT singing and doing the motions? Not sure what that was about either...
Finally - one of my kids participating! Josiah LOVED the songs this week and LOVED being part of the Kids Leading Worship team. I was SO proud of him!

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