Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Saddle Ridge Ranch!

Monday morning was definitely a little bit crazy. It was the first morning of VBS at our church, and we'd all been very excited about this day! I was in charge of the music rotation, so we all had places we needed to be bright and early. Grandmommy decided to stay home and rest (we'd worn her out from our LONG day at church the day before) so the rest of us were up, had breakfast, dressed and ready to head to "Saddle Ridge Ranch" - our theme - by 7:15 am!!

Rounding up questions, driving home answers! (part of our theme...)

After we came home from VBS that afternoon, Grandmommy played the Princess Game with Callie...several times!
Callie enjoys a book on Grandmommy's lap

Caleb & Grandmommy playing peek-a-boo across the table :)

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