Sunday, March 1, 2009

Small Group Night

Would you believe that we got together with our small group on Saturday night and THIS is the only picture I have? the KIDS!!!! We had a great time at Chris & Minerva's house and were finally able to settle the score once and for all - the girls TROUNCED the guys in both Pictionary and Guesstures!! We may have destroyed Minerva's house in the process, but it was hilarious and so much fun!! Minerva had just gotten her brand new dining room table & chairs delivered HOURS before our party - and the kids got to break it in! :) Laurel & Nathan were taking LOTS of pictures from the games - you'll have to check her blog...if she's brave enough to post them!


dandsratz said...
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anthonyandbeth said...

i'm glad you won!!! i know it must have been fun!

Andrea said...

Glad you all had fun. Bummed I missed it. :(