Monday, March 2, 2009

Real or Not Real?

So I'll preface this post by saying that some of you may get annoyed after reading this. That's okay. I know that people have different views on different things. And I'm not saying that my view is the only RIGHT one - it's just that on THIS particular matter, this is how we've chosen to handle it.

Okay, so we're driving to the Y this morning and Jacob is talking in the backseat with Jack (the little boy that I keep 3x a week). Jack informs him that his sister got $10 from the toothfairy last night because she lost 2 teeth (it's a good thing that my kids' teeth are slow in falling out...i don't think we could afford it!!). Jacob then proceeds to tell Jack that the tooth fairy isn't real, that it's just someone's mom or dad (this cracked me up...that he said it was "someone's" mom or dad), and that it's just a game people play for fun. Well, all of this is true and is what we've told the boys when they have asked about it.

It's the same answer for Santa Claus. We made the decision for our family that we didn't want to "lie" to them by telling them something is real when it's not. My parents raised my sisters and I the same way, and the argument makes sense to me. My mom always said that she wanted us to know and believe that Jesus is real - and yet if she was telling us that Santa was real (and then we found out he wasn't), that we would question what else our parents told us was true that wasn't. So that's what we've decided for our kids.

Okay, so anyways, back to the story. Jack is only 3, and insists that yes, the tooth fairy is real. Jacob again tells him the whole deal - that he's not real, and that it's just a game, adding on a "right, mom?", to which I reply "we'll talk about it later jacob". I, after all, don't want to ruin poor Jack's day. I never wanted my kids to be "those" kids that ruin someone else's "fun". Well, then Jacob apparently is annoyed that I'm not entirely "settling" the argument, and he tells Jack very emphatically that the tooth fairy is just a game and is not real because it's not in the Bible. Everything that's real is in the Bible, and the Tooth Fairy isn't. So that settles it.

It took all I had not to bust out laughing. Obviously Jacob is MOSTLY right, but not entirely. The word "trinity" isn't in the Bible, but we know that to be true. Anyways, I LOVED that Jacob is getting it! He believes that his final authority on issues is the Bible - even when it comes to the tooth fairy!! David's going to love this! I love that my little bitty 4 year old has quite a grasp on certain issues of theology! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

way to go Jacob! stand strong! :) maybe he'll be a preacher one day! :)

Judy said...

I didn't know you guys didn't do Santa. We don't do Santa or the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny or any of it! We pretend to be all of those things, but Christian knows it's us.