Sunday, March 1, 2009

Callie's Class

Jamie & I got to teach the girls' Sunday School class on Sunday...well, let me back up. I shouldn't say teach - these kids are 2 or younger for the most it's mostly playing and loving on them! They had maybe 8 kids in there, and it was so much fun to see these 3 girls in particular. These are the girls that callie has grown up with - always been in the same classes together, etc. Emily is in the middle, and she's a few months older than callie, so it's always been fun to see what stage emily is at to know what's coming. Delaney is on the right, and I was pregnant at the same time as Lisa (her mom). Delaney (believe it or not) is actually a month younger than callie. it was fun seeing these girls together...i had to get a picture!


dandsratz said...
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anthonyandbeth said...

WOW!!! look at those cuties! i haven't seen Delaney since she was a baby! she's so cute!

Judy said...

She looks so big in her class with her friends! Too cute!