Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beth's Race Day!

So race morning started at 5 am. Well, that's what time I picked Beth up. We were both up at 4 am I suppose. I met Beth and sat with her while she fed Addison (the last feeding for a WHILE...poor baby!) Beth was ready though - excited, nervous, ready to go!
Here's the injury that completely messed with Beth for the 3 days leading up to the race. She felt pretty good on race morning (thankfully). My biggest concern - I knew that it wasn't going to keep her from being able to run - but my concern was that it would hamper some of the fun for her. Thankfully it didn't!

The potty stop at the hotel. People started giving me crazy looks there. I was wearing my running clothes (knowing that I'd be doing some running to get to my "viewing" spots to see Beth, so I came dressed and prepared. I guess people think it looks funny to see a 5 month pregnant lady in running clothes. Go figure!

Just ONE more potty stop before hand!

I had to leave Beth here so I could get to my first viewing spot at Mile 3. I wished her luck and told her she'd do GREAT! I couldn't wait to see her again...and hoped she'd be smiling! Then I took off - I ran next to the racers for 3 miles to get to my position.

Beth's sister decided to run at the last minute too.

Here she comes at Mile she smiling?

YES -she IS smiling! I was relieved! I ran with her for a bit...asked her how everything was feeling, and then sent her on her way. She was heading into Ft. Story - which is a military base, so regular folks like me can't get in. I thought it was the loneliest part of the race, because there's not many spectators. I told her I'd see her at Mile 9 - right when she came out.

And here they come - at Mile 9!!! They've made it through Ft. Story!

AND she's still smiling! I was SO excited for her at this point! I knew she was doing great, was on pace, felt good, and was ENJOYING it!!!

While I was waiting for Beth at this point, some crazy man came and stood next to me for about 20 minutes. I was cheering for all the runners (I LOVE being the obnoxious cheerleader...because I know how much it means as a runner to have people cheer for you!!), and he kept asking me random questions and talking to me. He was creepy.

I ran with Beth for a bit again, asking how everything felt, if she needed anything else. She gave me her jacket and phone, but said she was doing great!!! I sent her off and told her that her mom & hubby were waiting at the finish. I knew I couldn't run with her the whole way back (4 more miles). I had already run 3, and thought it probably not the wisest thing to run another 4 while holding all of our stuff. I ran most of it, but stopped to walk a few times. Still, I sort of felt like I had my "fake" race experience.

And here she is at the finish - she did it! Finished the half-marathon and beat her goal time even! She finished in 2:24 (I'm sure her blog has the more EXACT time...) - when she signed up, she hoped to finish in 2:45!!!! Way to go Beth!

Two years ago, nobody would have BET that either of us would finish a half-marathon...and now look at us - we've BOTH done it! :)

Addison was a trooper! Beth finally got to feed her after the race, and she was glad to have her mommy back!

Here's Anthony & Beth - guess which one has finished a half-marathon. NOT Anthony!! (although he's got to bug - I just sent him David's training plan from Rock & Roll...I think he's my next convert!)

It was quite a morning. I was SO proud of Beth. I knew she could do it - I think even before SHE believed that she could do it. She watched me train last year and saw how I was able to do it. Somebody with ZERO athletic ability, ZERO running experience, and a busy mom with two active boys and a new baby. That was exactly where Beth was. But she did it! She followed the same training plan that I did for Shamrock the year before, and she did GREAT! Now she's hooked (as I KNEW she would be), has lost more than 50 lbs, is healthier than ever before, and feels (and LOOKS) amazing!! I'm so proud of you Beth! I know it wasn't easy, but you pushed hard and never quit! You ROCKED the SHAMROCK!


anthonyandbeth said...

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement Katy! I KNOW I couldn't have done it without you! I truly enjoyed the whole and the race. I am already looking forward to another one. :) I just am looking forward to another run! Talk about a messed up head...I've had one for a couple of weeks. I think the Lord is working on me...

I loved having you there as my cheerleader! I hate that you had to run so much, you should have gotten a medal too! :)'re right, two years ago no one would have EVERY guessed we'd be runners! I can't tell you how glad I am that you stepped out on faith to try something new. You gave me the confidence to do it and I'm so grateful! Now we have two things in common...good food AND running! :) well, there's a lot more but then my comment would be just way too long. :) love you!

Courtney said...

what a great day for both of you!!! loved all the pics. it was fun to see it from hers and your perspective! :-)

Judy said...

Ugh...I've been telling myself ever since you started running that I should do it too! And now look at Beth! Amazing! What an inspiration! I find myself always saying "after Christmas" or "when McKenna gets better" and now I'm thinking "after we move." I think I just need to get started!