Sunday, March 29, 2009

Showers of Blessing

A dear friend of mine, Irene, asked a few months ago if she could give me a baby shower before we move. It was so sweet of her to offer, and I thought it would be great to get together with some of the sweet ladies that surround me. We decided that it would be March 22 (Sunday afternoon), which was the afternoon of Beth's race. That way she could be there to celebrate with me! I appreciated Beth's sacrifice - I know she was tired and probably could have used a nap, but she was there with me! It was a sweet afternoon - spent with friends, ladies from church, women I've been in biblestudy with for years. Such a treasure of friends.

Usually every picture of Beth & I, we're in t-shirts or something "mom"-ish. So we had to get a "dress-up" picture. I MADE Beth wear her medal to the shower!
Irene makes fabulous cakes, and this was no exception!

One of my (and David's) favorite outfits from the shower is the blue romper on the left of the picture - it has a picture of an electric guitar and says "Rock Me"! How cute is that! Some babies come home in smocking and bonnets from the hospital - ours will probably come home wearing that!

My dear friend Sandi was there (with her baby Morgan). Sandi and were pregnant with our first babies together, and she has been a sweet, sweet friend ever since.

This is not even half of the food that Irene made. She can DEFINITELY make some amazing party food!


anthonyandbeth said...

the food and the cake were FABULOUS!!! and i was SO HUNGRY! i probably ate for two just like you. :) it was no sacrifice, i can always sleep but i can't always be with you celebrating your new little baby boy! i'm so glad i could come. i always feel so left out when something is going on in VA and i can't be Jessica's shower in Thursday night...i couldn't stop thinking about all you ladies that night! :) you got some GREAT stuff! can't wait to meet the little guy and can't wait for you to pick a name...hint, hint...

Judy said...

How sweet that you were blessed with a shower for number 4!! It will be nice for that little guy to have something other than hand-me-downs! You definitely got some cute stuff!!