Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awards Night & Last Game

Friday night was the awards night for the end of the basketball season. Josiah came home from school that day complaining of a headache, so he was not in top spirits for the night. Poor kid.
Did I say the program was LONG? 2.5 hours long! Jacob and Callie spent much of it underneath the stairs that were next to us in the sanctuary. Sigh.

But then we got to head to the gym for cupcakes afterwards, so that helped!

Trying to muster up enough energy for a smile. Not feeling well + past his bedtime...poor guy.

I videotaped his game, so jacob actually took this picture. i was exhausted afterwards. It's always a little tricky keeping track of both callie and jacob during the games (david is a coach, so he's unavailable), and it's a tight space. Add to that trying to hold the camcorder and get decent footage, well, you can imagine. oh, and constantly pulling up the maternity jeans that keep falling down....imagine.

that's me in the jeans and red top. callie insisted on climbing all over me most of the time. this was one of the older sisters from a boy on our team - she liked trying to entertain callie for me most of the season.

this gives you an idea of what happens when you give your 4 year old the camera. actually, i didn't give it to him. he took it out of my purse, and i was otherwise occupied.
joel is our neighbor. their family knew david from memphis (back in the rock star days), and we were thrilled when we moved on the same cul-de-sac as them!!! Go figure! They have been sweet family friends to us. Their dad, Jay, coached the team, and joel and josiah loved being teammates.


Courtney said...

oh yes. it's crazy isn't it?? these events that are supposed to be special. but the little ones don't quite GET it! :-) love your shirt! ;-)

dandsratz said...
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anthonyandbeth said...

i know what a challenge it can be watching and keeping track of kids! i always hated when someone would say "did you see that ______ that Harrison did." and I'd be feeling like a loser b/c i missed it while dealing with the other two! oh well. at least i was there, right! :) glad it was a good season for Josiah!

Judy said...

I love it that Jacob was taking pictures! I'm sure it helped to keep him entertained!!