Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I made it through last week! It was week #2 of chaos for us. The week before, I was just getting back in town from our SC trip, then turned around and left for DC to help mom after surgery. Then last week I spent most of it dealing with a pulled muscle/cracked rib-feeling - from coughing for SO long the week before. You know that feeling? Ugh! It was the week of the MAJOR children's consignment sale, Beth's race, Harrison's surprise party, and a baby shower thrown in there for good measure! I'll post pictures from all of that stuff later on (gotta wait for Beth to post it first, but she did AWESOME!!!)

Anyways, this week has begun and it has felt SO good! Not to have stuff scheduled in every day. We have been playing lots and lots of games this week - some new ones that we got from the consignment sale have been HUGE hits (Scrabble Jr. Disney Edition and Yahtzee Jr. Disney have been SO much fun). It's been so much fun playing with the boys - these real games are really very fun. Nice to have a break from cootie and candyland - those preschool games are fun, but now we're getting to the good stuff! It's sort of weird realizing that I'm playing scrabble with my 6 year old though!!!

So things are finally settling a bit. We had our last biblestudy this morning - what an amazing group of ladies that i have had the priviledge of spending my wednesdays with for the last 8 years. David is wrapping up his stuff at school. This Sunday is his last Sunday at Shores, and he leaves next Saturday for SC. Sort of unreal. Still praying for the house to sell. And praying for strength and patience for me in these coming days and weeks of being on my own here with the kids. But it's been a great week! So much to be thankful for!!


Courtney said...

you have had a crazy few MONTHS!!! glad for some lower key days for you...

Judy said...

I'm so glad you found the time to post an update! I think about you everyday and pray that God will sustain you and David too during these hectic times! Praying for your house to sell too! Ours was going to go on the market a few weeks ago, then we had that false lead with our friends, then we were going to list it on Monday and I got sick...I'm starting to wonder if the Lord is trying to tell us something or if I'm reading too much into it! Just trying to stay in HIS perfect will! I just wish he would call me and tell me what to do sometimes, but the seeking is so good for me!

anthonyandbeth said...

praying for you. i know it's crazy right now. thanks for making time for us last weekend! those games sound fun! kristine got harrison disney monopoly for his birthday and we're excited about trying that out this weekend along with the new puppy game! :)

praying about the house, praying about your goodbye to hubby, friend and daddy, praying for YOU. i know you KNOW God has opened this door but i also know He's left areas to keep you trusting His timing in all of this. praying for you to be strong emotionally and physically!!!

glad it's a slow week for y'all...enjoy it!