Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Expo (but not for my race)....

So one of the most FUN things about race weekend is getting to go to the EXPO. For the big races, they'll set up an expo in the downtown convention center and have all kinds of vendors, running stuff for cheap, display booths about upcoming races, etc. It's really alot of fun. We got to go with Beth last Saturday to pick up her race packet and then walk around the expo with their family. Our kids are pros at this now, since they've been to both mine and David's expos. They new they were going to see the Geico gecko (he's ALWAYS there), and make some cheer signs for Beth. And we did both! I will have to admit - both David and I were definitely sad not to be "runners" this year in the race - we're ready to do it again. I've got to get this baby out of me first (I suppose), but David's ready to hit the training road again once he gets settled down in SC this weekend.

Part of the other special thing is that I remember SO clearly doing this very same expo last year. Shamrock was my first half marathon, and Kelli was there to cheer me on. This year, it was Beth's turn. She said she felt very out of place - I remember that same feeling - and yet I kept telling her that she deserved to be there! That she had trained and was ready - just like all the other "real" runners! It was excited to see her there and get her ready for the race (and get her mind off her banged up knee that she had hurt that week! ugh!)

The bib number!!! You can sort of see Beth's face injury in this one. She fell the Thursday before the race and scraped up her face and her knee quite badly. Luckily, it was all surface wounders (nothing sprained or broken), but hurt like the dickens, scraped her up pretty badly, and got her even MORE nervous about the race.

Addison was a trooper - she was quite happy and content (poor thing didn't know what a long day awaited her the next day!!)

Here's Beth getting her official race shirt! (The most fun thing is that I got one too!! When I was cheering Beth during the race the next day, there was one on the side of the road that a runner had thrown we match! And I can pretend that I actually did run it!)

The 4 boys working diligently on their cheer signs for Beth.

Harrison drew Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) on his.

Josiah drew Beth running - complete with a cute little pink running outfit! He knows this stuff is serious business!

One of my favorite vendors is "One More Mile" - they have all these hilarious running shirts. These were my favorites. This one says "I know i run like a girl. Try to keep up"

"My sport is your sport's punishment" - love it!!
"May the course be with you" - had to take a pic for my star wars boys!
Me and Addison!

Here's the famous gecko - always at the expos!

"Does this shirt make my butt look fast?"

"Toenails are for sissies" - if you are a runner, you can definitely appreciate this!

"Some girls chase boys. I pass 'em"

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anthonyandbeth said...

i was SO NERVOUS! :) i was trying to keep my smile on!!! you're right, that fall did shake me up quite a bit. i was traumatized! :) i loved the EXPO and loved that y'all were there with us and could show us around. i think Anthony wished he was running too. has David picked out his next race? which one are we going to do together? :)