Wednesday, March 4, 2009

JUST to clarify!!!

Had some questions posed to me and some issues brought up, so I thought a bit of clarification may be helpful!

1. I do NOT think that if your family chooses to "do" Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or whatever, that you are heathens!!! We have just chosen to focus on some other traditions and do things a bit differently. David was raised with "doing" Santa, and I think he turned out just fine! I hope you saw my true intent in sharing the whole "tooth fairy" story. I thought it was hilarious that Jacob's declaration of it not being real was based on it not being in the Bible. Although that theology is not entirely correct, I got a kick out of it nonetheless. But I didn't want that story to come across some other way and make any of you think something else.

2. Any of you that have children in public schools are not "wimps"! My sister, a GODLY woman, has been teaching in public schools for over a decade and is the BEST! I would love for any of my kids to have been in her class! I was referring to Obama's speech a few weeks back about how his kids in Chicago had RECESS on snowy days, and yet the "wimpy" Washington schools cancel at the drop of a hat. BELIEVE me, I wish that our school had cancelled on Monday, but we were on regular schedule. Although Josiah is in private school this year and will be again next year, I have ALWAYS said that I FIRMLY believe it to be a child by child, year by year, school by school, family decision. I have always thought that to make a blanket statement that "my children will ALWAYS be in private school, or ALWAYS be homeschooled, or ALWAYS be in public education" is dangerous. Because you never know what may change from year to year or child to child for that matter. So again, I HOPE that you understand the intent. Purely a joke meant on Obama! I'll stay away from Obama jokes from now on.

Okay, so there's my disclaimers. Perhaps in my pregnancy, hormone-enhanced, sleep-deprived, stress-heavy state these days, my words are not being formulated very well. So I apologize if I have offended any of you. I love you all so dearly. I love that we are all so different, so alike, so many commonalities, yet living in such different areas and stages of life. That's what makes friendships so special. I've been reflecting quite a bit on how much God has blessed us with these last 8 years that we've been here, as we are anticipating our move in the coming weeks and months. I hope you know that as much as I'm going to miss our trusted Honda repair guy (and BOY are we going to miss him!!), I'm going to miss my precious circle of dear dear friends a hundred times more. Seriously! Okay, I'm off to prepare cabinets for painting tonight. I simply cannot handle any more emotion right now!!! I love you guys!


anthonyandbeth said...

Katy, it is so tough to feel misunderstood. I know you well enough to know that you would NEVER intentionally hurt anyone!!! I certainly was not offended and we DO Santa and have a child in public school as well. I appreciate your graciousness in wanting to make sure no one is offended. I feel sure that most people who read this blog have been blessed by your friendship and your giving spirit. There is no one I know more willing to drop ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for a friend than YOU. Surely they must know you were just being yourself on your own blog and sharing a story that touched YOU from your own child. I know my blog is like a journal of my daily life with my kids, etc... I also know everyone won't agree with what I think or put on my blog. I appreciate that you are REAL and share. It's not always easy to do b/c you don't know how it will be received.

Your heart is in the right place and I know with all of my heart that you never meant any harm! Rest assured!

I know there is a lot going on and a lot going to happen the next few weeks and months. All of that on top of the pregnancy, I'm sure there isn't enough mental power left to worry about how things you say will be taken. We know YOU and LOVE you just as you are! Don't stress about the rest!

love you!!!

The Stein Family said...

Ha, Ha -- that's too funny. Like in the previous comment, to know you is to know your intent was certainly not to be offensive. Chris and I both grew up doing the whole Santa thing, but Chris had some issue 'lying' to our kids at first too. To me it, just seemed natural to go with Santa -- after all St. Nick was real, so is it really a lie? All depends on how you approach it I guess. Still, you're right that it's important to note the true menaings behind Chrsitmas and Easter and so on -- not just the 'Fun' side.
Regardless, stop worrying so much -- no offense was taken here whatsoever. It can be so hard to make your tone/emotion match your true feelings when dealing with blogging/email. Either way, thanks for sharing - I love reading your blog!

dandsratz said...
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