Monday, March 2, 2009

(Sort of) Snow Day

Well, we woke up to snow this morning, but it was once again quite a disappointment. Roads were fine, just really a covering on the grass and the cars. Sigh. The public schools had a 2 hour delay (WIMPS!), but we good Christian school families were on regular schedules today. So we played outside in it for about 10 minutes before leaving. That was about all they wanted anyways. They ate some snow off the van (ewww), and then Josiah started whining about his hands hurting so badly (from being cold). Oh well!

Jacob was up early with David this morning and just looked out the window in the kitchen the whole time he was eating his cereal.

I was able to make one snowball from the snow on the van for each of the boys. It was hard though - this snow was really fluffy, but not the sticking together kind.
Oh, and as much as I wanted to run outside in the snow, I decided it probably wasn't very wise. I'm not the most coordinated person anyways, and I figured I'd be in BIG trouble with a few people if I slipped and fell in my 19 week pregnant state. So it was treadmill for me. At least it was a light day - only did 3 miles and weights training since tomorrow is my long run with stephanie.


dandsratz said...
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anthonyandbeth said...

at least you got a little bit. i know you know this, but i had to work on my attitude with our snow day today. when mommy doesn't feel well...a day playing in the snow is not exactly what you want to do. i tried to sacrifice a little! :) i want SPRING!

Mandy said...

we had fun playing in our "mud crystals" in the backyard...ugh!...the kids thought it was great though:)

Judy said...

I'm glad you at least got a little bit! It's so funny! We only got a dusting of snow and everyone south of us and east of us got a ton! Usually we're the ones to get it!