Monday, September 24, 2012

Two things left

We had two things left that are part of our "normal" schedule that had not yet resumed since having Judah. One was Upward practices/games.  The flag football and cheerleading season just started back up with practice this week.  Everyone was SO excited - Josiah has been obsessed with football this year.  Callie just HAD to try on her cheerleading uniform to see how it fits :)

The second thing was me singing with the praise band in the 2nd service.  I've been back with the choir/praise team in the 1st service for several weeks now, but hadn't started singing in BOTH services yet.  It adds an extra rehearsal time for me which happens to be at 7 am on an already long Sunday.  This was the week though!  Judah was a trooper - had to wake him up early to eat before we got to church for practice - but he hung in there.  Woke from a dead sleep in the middle of the sermon with a WAIL, but other than that, he did great.  I had to be back at church early for drama auditions for my kids' choir musical, so it made for a LONG day...but we made it...and he slept HARD that night!  Welcome to the Schrodt family Judah - where we often spend 10 hours at church on Sundays!  :)  So thankful that Mondays are low-key days around here where we can lay low and have lots of good naps in our own beds!  :)

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