Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Football/Cheerleading Games!!

And so begins our Saturdays for the next two months!  :)  First game day!!

 They do player introductions each week and for the FIRST game, they asked each team to make a sign that the kids could crash through.  So cute...of course, they didn't actually crash through it because they are so little....more like pushed it out of the way...but that's okay :)  They loved it!  This is Jacob's team - the Eagles.  David is coaching him  :)
 Judah was awesome - took his nap like normal during Jacob's game, nursed him on the sidelines, then we watched the next kid's game!
 Jacob's team was white - he was lined up in the back
 Callie's cheer squad - Butterfly Energy - working on the wave :)

Josiah's team - the Bills - played next.  He had an incredible game!  Got 3 interceptions, threw a touchdown when he was quarterback - it was great!  

We are off to a great season!!  :)

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