Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Pool my house!

So David and I had planned a choir fellowship for Sunday evening.  We rented the clubhouse at the pool and thought it would be fun to do a cook out and potluck down at the clubhouse where we could just hang out as a ministry team with each other.  Kids could swim, people could grab their food in the clubhouse and sit poolside and enjoy the evening together.  I knew that I would have a baby just a few weeks old when we decided on the date, but figured the clubhouse would be easy enough - everyone could bring a side dish or dessert to share and we would provide the burgers and hot dogs.

We had everything ready, I was slicing lettuce and tomatoes that afternoon, coolers had drinks and ice in them, and I was making piles of stuff to take down to the clubhouse.  Then at about 3:45 pm, the heavens opened up.  I mean, POURING down rain.  The party was supposed to start at 5 pm. The POOL party.  I sent David out to see if it was just a passing storm but it was a total mess outside.  Of course, the weather channel was no help - it said "isolated thunderstorms".  Duh.  We waited about 30 minutes and when the monsoon didn't let us and the thunder continued, we made the decision to have the party at....gulp.....our house.  I knew we would have more room at our house than at the clubhouse if we were going to be stuck inside.  And it was so close to the start time that people would have already prepared food and we had already bought all the meat and fixings...I didn't want to have to cancel it.  So David started making calls and I started vacuuming the living room!  Wiped down the bathroom downstairs, and an hour later, 60 people showed up at my house!!!  Oh my!!

 This is what a crazy mom does when she all of a sudden has 45 minutes to get her house ready for 60 people.   She says yes to her boys that keep asking if they can go outside and play basketball in the rain...and tells them to come inside if they hear thunder...oh my...

We actually had a great time.  Everyone was wonderful.  It was a little crazy, yes.  My house is not really big enough for that many people and kids.  But we did it and had a great time.  We are so blessed to serve with a team of people who love Jesus and love us - and are REAL I wasn't worrying about how NOT perfect my house was.  We enjoyed the fellowship, the food, and made quite the memories!  Judah enjoyed getting passed all around - the sopranos FINALLY got to hold him too - and the kids had a total blast playing upstairs.  This picture was taken at the end of the night - some of our close friends were still there and I finally had Judah back - he sort of collapsed into me....he was exhausted from his big day either.  Such great friendships - we are blessed!

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sandi said...

one of your best qualities my friend... rolling with whatever heads your way with an open door, open heart and great smile to welcome those who come through.