Friday, September 28, 2012

Spirit Night

It was spirit night at the school tonight.  Each grade level had practiced their own "cheer" and performed it on the football field for us. :)

 Callie was thrilled to see some of her new friends from her was funny to see her with her classmates :)
 Jacob was slightly more embarrassed...
 Josiah was TOTALLY embarrassed - see him in the plaid shorts towards the right side of the picture?  They were getting ready....
 ...then when they actually DID their cheer, Josiah was WAY hiding in the back - all you can see is his shorts!  :)  So funny!
 Judah just hung out....he's so chill...
Once it was dark enough, the Muppets movie started -so fun!!  I love Miss Piggy!  :)  

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