Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Spirit of America

On Saturday afternoon, we skipped naptime (!!) and headed downtown to the area to see "The Spirit of America" - and it was incredible!  It's a show put on by several of the elite groups of the military and goes through the history of our country with some battle reenactments, lots of great music and video to tell the story of our brave armed forces.  The kids loved the gunfire and music and it was great to be reminded of how blessed we are to live in this country that is being fought for and protected by these brave men and women.  The Fife and Drum Corps and Drill Team were our favorites!! 

Either David takes pictures at the worst possible time or I always have weird looks on my face??

One of the reenactments - with LOUD gunfire!  :)

The singers were great!  And they had a real "band" - with keyboard, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar for a few songs was the stiffest I'd ever seen a band play :)  tapping the toes was about all the soldiers are allowed to do when in uniform I think :)  They were great!

Drill team.  AMAZING!

 Oh - and I about got my head knocked off from the tshirt launcher - it launched shirts that landed RIGHT behind me and RIGHT in front of I'm nursing Judah.  Awesome.  Never a dull moment!  :)

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