Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artwork and a new Cubbie!

 Jacob had been telling me about this art project for the last several weeks.  Every time they would go to art, he would tell me about which part of the dragon they worked on.  They FINALLY finished it last week and he was DYING for me to come see it.  David usually drives them to school in the mornings because I am feeding Judah at that time.   David went to see it and took a picture so he could show me :)  Jacob was SO proud of himself!

 Callie drew this picture of our little family - I love it!  Even the eye colors are right!  And I think it's hilarious that she drew Caleb as the only blonde!  And she made Josiah's hair "bushy" she said! :)
It's a new year at AWANAs this year.  I am such a believer and supporter in this program.  I grew up in it and learned so many Scriptures through it.  My kids are loving it!  Callie moved up into the Sparks program this year, and Caleb went from being a Puggle to a Cubbie - he was SO excited to get his new Cubbie vest tonight!

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