Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodbye Green - Hello Purple!!

 Jacob tested for his Purple Belt on Saturday morning.  It was the first time testing with the new procedures.  Sensei is no longer awarding belts immediately following the tests.  Instead, he has all of his instructors fill out individual evaluations and then he takes them all home over the weekend and reviews the notes, along with their classroom performance, effort, and behavior.  IF he decides they are ready to advance to the next belt, he awards it at the following class.  Today was Jacob's first class following his rank test.  He was nervous.
 He had done a good job at his test.  But he knew that Purple Belt puts him in the Advanced Belts category, which meant Sensei was going to be tougher on him.  We had given him "the talk" about if he DIDN'T pass - and that it just meant he needed to work a little more on some skills...that it wasn't the end of the world, etc....
 But HOORAY- he DID pass!  Sensei said he did a great job!!  PHEW!  This mom is relieved!
 Getting his new Purple Belt
 Shaking hands and bowing to Sensei
Way to go Jacob - SO proud of you!!  I KNOW you worked so hard!

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