Saturday, September 22, 2012

A long road back....

I went for my first post-baby run yesterday morning.  Yikes.  2 miles that felt like 20.  It was easier being sick every day for 9 months than running that 2 miles!!  Managed to get through it.  Definitely glad when it was over.  Ran the first mile. Then had to stop and walk for 0.1 mile. Ran the next mile and then walked uphill (!!) to get home.  Didn't want to even do a third.  It was slow. And hard. But I did it!

Thought briefly about going again this morning, but decided against it :). Enjoyed my sleep, sent David and the boys out for football practice, made a sausage/egg casserole for all of us for breakfast, and decided the run could wait for another day.  I'm easing back in!  My legs are definitely sore will be a long road back!

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Courtney said...

it won't be as long as you think...i promise!!!