Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Downhill fast

The day started off great.  With me waking up at 5:55 am realizing that Judah was JUST now waking up!!  He went 8 hours - hooray!!  He had been doing about 6-6.5 hours for several days and I had just said to David last night "I wonder when he'll stretch a little bit more?".  I was so excited!  I finished feeding Judah, put him back to bed to sleep until 8 am, and headed downstairs to pack the kids lunches.  Got them made, kids fed and off to school and then finished pulling my coupons together for my Publix trip I was going to make this morning.  

After I fed Judah at 8 am, we headed off to the store.  I was feeling so good about getting this errand done and out of the way so that we could have the rest of the day ahead of us.  Wednesday nights are a bit later for us with church, so I was trying to ensure a good day of naps for Judah...until I realized my front tire was flat.

I pulled into a church parking lot and called our roadside assistance.  I figured that they'd be there as soon as David could be, and I may as well leave David alone and not make him get all sweaty and dirty in his work clothes.  After all, this is what we pay for with our insurance coverage - may as well use it!  So Caleb and Judah and I hung out in the parking lot while we waited. and the guy changed our tire.

We headed to Sam's to get a new tire.  Had lunch there. Fed Judah.  Walked back over to check on the van and the guy came in and said he found 2 nails in the rear tire as he was checking tire pressure.  Great.  He said he was going to patch them up (free!) and would check the other tire too just in case.  Came BACK in a few minutes later and said BOTH rear tires had damage on their side walls and needed to be replaced.  Oh man.  So 3 new tires for us today.  Awesome.  Do you know how many groceries I can buy with that money??

 Buzz Lightyear has been following me around for the last 3 days.  Cute, right?  :)

(the good news is that while I was sitting at the parking lot & Sam's Club all day, I was able to fiddle with my camera settings on the phone and fix the annoying brightness situation....someone had turned it WAY up!)
Ran up and down the aisle a few times to keep entertained....

Finally made it home a little after 1 pm.  Not exactly how I thought my day would go.  Trying to be thankful and not get too bogged down in the worry of an expensive day like today...

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Katie Kitchens said...

Whoohoo, Judah!!! Molly only got in 7.5 hours last night. I'll still take it! Glad y'all are okay! Now I'm thinking we should get roadside assistance! Do you have it through AAA?

And that's the cutest Buzz Lightyear I've seen! :)