Saturday, December 5, 2009

We made it to Florida!!!

On Friday, the kids and I picked Josiah up from school and we hit the road!!! They were all SO excited to begin our roadtrip. We moved Callie's carseat to the far back to sit with the boys so they could all 3 watch movies - that was a big success!! Other than the constant rain that I had to drive through, the trip went great. My kids really are such great travellers - they LOVE road trips (they get that from me! :) ). We had to make one extra stop to feed a hungry Caleb, but other than that it was smooth sailing! We got to Kelli's house a little after midnight, but woke up Saturday morning bright and early - it was race day for the boys!! :)

I had signed them up for a kids race that morning and they were so excited! I had gotten them shirts to put their names on like "real" runners (more on that later), and they looked adorable!

Try to ignore the drama queen in the middle of the picture and see how cute their shirts were! :) Eating a good breakfast to have plenty of energy for the race!
Caleb enjoyed getting to try out all of Joseph's fun stuff!

Since the front side of the kids had grumpy faces, I tried a different, happier angle!

This is the starting line where the kids' race was. The parents were only allowed to "run" with the 2-4 year olds, so I told the boys they had to stick together. Not that they were running far (it was an out and back route), but I knew they were nervous about it. Can you see them in the green and yellow shirts? You can see the nervousness in Josiah's body language.

Here they are running past the finish line....straight to me! :) The first thing Jacob said was "Josiah ran too fast" and the first think Josiah said was "Jacob ran too slow!" I guess next time they can run on their own! :)
They can add more medals to their collection now!

This was the first race that Jacob actually RAN! Last time we signed him up for one (more than a year was the CHKD race in VA), he refused to run and rode in the double stroller with Callie...until he jumped out at the finish to claim his medal. So I was proud of him!

My oldest sister Kim drove down from Tampa that morning and made it in time to see the boys' race.
Tired boys! :) (This wasn't even staged!!) Jacob said to me "Mom, even though my race was short, I'm really tired!!"

Dad & Rita joined us at Kelli's for lunch. They had flown in from Chicago late the night before and drove up that morning.

Jacob pretty much followed Chloe (Kelli's dog...well, actually SCOTT's dog (Kelli's husband bought Chloe before Kelli was ever in the picture!!!) the whole weekend.
Can you see how nervous Kristen looks? Now we were starting to talk about OUR race the next morning, and a few of the sisters (Kristen and Kim) were a bit nervous!!! :)

Lunch tastes awfully good after a race in the morning!

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yay!!! i'm so excited you're finally updating us! have to get lunches made...i'll be back!!!