Thursday, December 31, 2009

Descending upon the Williams Family!

After choir/band rehearsals on Wednesday night, we got back in the car and headed for Raleigh! Beth and I had talked for weeks trying to figure a way to get a visit in sometime before the end of the year. With our different family schedules, school schedules, trips out of town, family visiting from out of town, we were having a tough time!! Weekends are hard for us to travel because of David's obligations at church (obviously), but that's the best time for them because Anthony's home from work (obviously!) We finally decided on travelling up there for the New Year's holiday weekend - and what a wonderful time we had! It was an added bonus for me because my birthday is New Year's Eve too! I think it may become an annual tradition (if that's okay with them anyways!) We sort of descend on them like some mad virus or something - there are children everywhere, lots of noise, lots of laughing, lots of FUN!! Because our kids have grown up together, they just pick up like they never left off. Kids scatter the minute we walk in the door and they are off finding whatever they are going to play with or create. I LOVE it!

Callie didn't waste any time finding Addison's new stroller that she got for Christmas!

We exchanged our Christmas presents while we there, and Mrs. Beth sneakily wrapped Callie's present (and ADORABLE outfit) in a baby wipes box. Callie was all excited thinking that she got a BABY for Christmas! :)

(This is how I feel most days - kids climbing ALL over me!)
Beth got me a cupcake/cake carrier...something I've been looking for for several years now...I sort of requested one after hearing she found one! Is she a good friend or what? :)
And then we opened birthday presents, and David got me - a new camera!! HUGE surprise! Completely shocked me (as you can see!) That's also why I've been behind with the blogging - trying to figure out the new camera has taken me a while...
Sir Harrison and Sir Josiah

Yes, that's my 2 1/2 year old daughter sitting (and fitting quite nicely) in a DOLL highchair!!
Harrison loved getting to hold Caleb!
Beth made us some WONDERFUL bread to go with our White Christmas Chili for lunch on Thursday. It seriously was like the bread at Panera - unbelievable. Her nanny taught her how to make it, and now I've got to buy a cast iron dutch oven to be able to make it too - it was awesome!


Courtney said...

sounds like a great new tradition for you guys!! and YAY for a new camera! good job, david!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

we would LOVE it if y'all coming on New Years Eve was an annual tradition! we just LOVED having you and love all the excitement and commotion of our families getting together. it's not stressful, it's just FUN! :) you just don't know how excited i was to have you all here!

The Stein Family said...

Looks Like a great time!