Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The BEST Christmas Present Ever!

This was what the children's musical was called this year, and our boys got to be a part of it! They LOVED singing in the children's choir, and it brought back so many fun memories for me! We had a great time watching their concert and were SO proud!

By the way, did you know that I have two very different boys? One of my boys followed every direction to the "t". Did the motions perfectly, sat and stood at exactly the right time, even mouthed the words to every speaking line and solo!! The other boy was focused for the first two songs, and then became quite distracted with the step he was standing on, people in the audience, etc. He started to do his hand motions quite animatedly (is that a word), and ended up laying flat on his back when the pastor came up at the end! :) They both sang every word though!! :)

Callie was "reading"...the hymnal while we were waiting.
Jacob is on the left side. 2nd person from the left. Lucky boy got to stand between his sweet friends Kayla and Raigan.

There's Josiah on the right - 3rd person from the right. Doing EXACTLY as he was told! :)

Jacob...still paying attention, but getting tired. (Did I mention he didn't have a nap that day? Of ALL days!)
This is how Caleb spent the musical! :)
Here's Jacob between his sweet friends. Starting to lose focus...obviously! :) Kayla did her best to try and keep him on task!
The whole children's choir!!
David's attempt at getting a picture of the two of them in their shirts. Oh well!

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anthonyandbeth said...

what a wonderful opportunity for your kids! i know you loved every minute of it!