Saturday, December 5, 2009

And the Planning Begins...

Can you imagine the logistics involved with getting 4 sisters to 3 different relay transition points over a 26.2 mile course, along with figuring out who is watching which kids at which points? CRAZY! Good thing we have an analytical Dad to help us figure it all out!

Examining the race course map...talking about estimating what times each of us will finish our leg of the race so the next sister is there to start running, etc. It was complicated!

Kristen took a break with my kids to watch Frosty the Snowman...all that planning was stressing her out!

Caleb and Dad were having quite the conversation! They bonded over their matching hairstyles!

Dad was talking to Kristen and Caleb was just starting at him!

Joseph can sit up on his own now...and he looks SO big!!! Kim brought down a bag of old toys that her kids had outgrown and he was LOVING them! (That's the problem with being the first child in a family....there aren't already toys everywhere!!)
Caleb enjoyed hanging out in Joseph's jumperoo....not that his feet could touch the ground, but he enjoyed the new perspective!
This is the only picture I have of our "carb-loading" dinner - we had a big spaghetti dinner to get ready for the race the next morning! Joseph liked it!

Remember the shirts with the iron-on letters? Okay, well Kelli and conspired together to get us all matching shirts and surprise the girls with them. We got iron-on letters to spell out our names on the front (this is so spectators, when they cheer for you, will call you out by name! For example, "Go Katy! Keep running strong Katy". It's very fun!) Then we also spelled out on the back "Sister One", "Sister Two", etc. for all four of us. Kim & Kristen were slightly embarrassed by all of this, but we didn't care - we were SO excited!

Finishing up the planning meeting. Kim is on her phone texting everyone that she knows that she is SO scared. We also had just told her that she wasn't allowed to run with her IPOD during the race and she about lost it! :) He he. Dad was writing out our final agenda of who goes where, when they go, with whom, where the kids would be, when we would see each sister, etc.
Here's the schedule - seriously!

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Courtney said...

wow! that's some crazy planning/scheduling! glad you had your dad to help! how fun to have him there!

and i love hearing how kristen and kim were feeling...what a fun experience for you all!!!