Friday, December 18, 2009

Class Party!

I'm so glad I am not room mom this year! :) I had enough going on that I decided to let someone else do it and just stick to my once-a-month volunteering. It's nice to be able to just SHOW up at these parties!

They were watching a Franklin Christmas movie and eating their YUMMY food! Josiah's table group is in the front of the class! :)

He got to pass out the Christmas pencils that he brought for all his classmates...
He was showing Ella his goofy magic trick with his fingers (where it looks like his thumb has been cut off? David taught him over Thanksgiving and he probably does it a hundred times a day now! :) ) He and Ella are "friends"... She's just like him and is cute as a button! :)
They put their ornaments together on their desks and started giggling...

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anthonyandbeth said...

yes, you have had a lot going on this year! :) so cute about his little friend Ella. :)