Sunday, December 13, 2009

David's Hairbow

Part of why I got so behind with blogging last week (aside from just normal life with 4 kids) was that we were getting through our Christmas concerts!! It was David's first one - being totally in charge from the very beginning (remember how he was picking Christmas music while I was in LABOR???) Anyways, it was amazing. He did an incredible job - picked wonderful, worshippful music, grew our choir to be double the size it was when we first came this summer, put together an orchestra, and conducted the whole thing - complete with baton!!! He did a great job - I was SO proud of him!! But it was exhausting - lots and lots of details leading up to it. Then a long day on Sunday. We all left the house at 7 am and didn't get home until 9 pm. A full morning of church and then two concerts later on that day. The kids did splendidly. The boys got to sing with some members of the children's choir on one song during the adult concert and it was so fun!! Caleb was a dollbaby - considering he had to eat on my schedule! I was running all day from church services or concerts straight to the nursery to feed him...but I always found a smiling baby! Callie did great - was a happy girl and a good helper despite not having a nap. And it was a wonderful night and celebrating the birth of our KING!!

One note of humor: when I picked up Callie between concerts, we were walking over to the study center to eat dinner with all the musicians. I told her Daddy had been singing and she was excited to get to see him. We walked in, and she saw David in his tuxedo for the first time. Her eyes LIT up and she squealed "OOOOHHHH - look at Daddy's black hairbow! He's so pretty!" She was referencing David's bowtie of course, but everyone just died laughing! She is such a girl!!!


Jenn said...

too funny :)

Judy said...

Awww...that's cute! Definitely one of those things you want to blog so you'll remember it forever!