Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Trip to Memphis in Pictures

We left for Memphis the day after Christmas - Saturday morning - at 4 am. We like to leave early like that to get a few hours down before the kids wake up. We arrived in Memphis early that afternoon and we enjoyed getting to visit with David's family! (This is a lot of pictures, but I had to get them in there for my book! :) )

Callie didn't waste much time showing Grandmommy some of her books!
David's oldest sister, Daree, arrived later that night with her husband and kids. They live in Minnesota now (brrrr....) with 2 of their kids. They have 5 other kids who are grown and living on their own - 3 in Memphis, 1 in Lynchburg, and 1 in Alabama. They ALL came to Memphis so we could all be together for Christmas - what fun! :)

David talking to two of Daree's boys, Josh and Justin. They both live and work in Memphis now...I can't believe how grown up they are now. I still remember meeting them when they were 8 and 12 years old!!! Now they are grown, handsome men! :)
His family LOVES to play Scrabble...and they are GOOD at it! They continue to politely ask me, but I'm so terrible that I no longer play with them and slow down their game!
Daree's youngest daughter, Julie, just turned 18 and LOVED holding Caleb!! I could use her around here!
The oldest and the youngest of the Schrodt kids! (David was the ringbearer in Daree's wedding!) :)
Uncle Tom (in the armchair) and Aunt Helen (in the red sweater) joined us on Sunday afternoon for Christmas lunch. Uncle Tom is David's dad's only brother, and it is tradition to have everyone all together for the holiday meal. Callie slept through it since it was naptime (and my kids were SO tired from the trip the day before...then a late night...then not sleeping all that good with all 6 of us in one room....and a houseful/party going on downstairs when it's time for my kids to go to bed...etc...
Josiah and Jacob got a different nerf gun from Sharolyn's family for Christmas - they were beyond excited!! (and on a side note, can you see how closely they were sitting together on the couch? They were a bit nervous about the HOUSEFUL of people that were "new" faces to them...and clung to each other. They played most of the time with Noah, Sharolyn's son who is 9. The three of them were like peas in a pod!
Caleb enjoyed getting a new perspective in an exersaucer...we've got to find one to borrow from someone! He's at the perfect age for it!
It was FREEZING cold all weekend, but it didn't stop the boys from running around (without coats...grrr....) with their nerf guns. I was thankful for the break from video games!
Wade (Sharolyn's husband) grilled his famous pork tenderloins for Christmas lunch - they were incredible!!! He had some company out at the grill it looks like!
Grandmommy got the boys these boomerangs too - and they were a big hit!! Very fun!

Callie spent a good part of the first day and a half like this - on my hip, or at my leg, or never very far away from me. Remember - house FULL of new people. So not much of a vacation for Mom!
Emily (Sharolyn's 10 year old daughter) was trying to learn how to knit from Julie. I wish I knew how to do that!
Daree and Caleb - she owns and runs 2 daycare centers up in Minnesota, so she was not put off by my kids at all! :)
David's mom pulled out some of her pictures that she doesn't have room for anymore. Everyone was able to look through and choose some to take back home. It was fun looking through them!

David and his Mom
Debbie, Daree, David's mom, David, and Sharolyn
The last time we got a picture of his mom and all 4 of her kids was 9 years ago - at his dad's funeral. It's been a LONG time since we've ALL been together and we loved it!
Daree's sweet family
From the top, L-R
Joy, Justin, Jon (the dad), Jon Alden
Jesse, Daree, Julie, and Jennifer
I had picked up some gingerbread house kits at Walmart 2 days before Christmas - they were marked down to $2 each!!! I got 3 of them, knowing we would probably need a project while we there. I pulled them out on Monday morning when David and his sisters were talking through some family business stuff. It was the perfect distraction for the kids!
While the older kids worked on the gingerbread houses, Callie was playing with her dolls. Here they are all in timeout on the steps! :)
Josiah's finished work of art...
Pretending to take a bite out of the roof...none of my kids ever actually eat it. We just enjoy the making and decorating part...
Callie popped over to lick the frosting a few times
David (his back anyways), Sharolyn, Jon, and Daree
Emily's house
Grandmommy and Caleb
Look at that FACE!!!!
If you have a lap and are willing to read some books, Callie will be there in a heartbeat...and will STAY for a LONG time! :)
We had a great time - it was like a long weekend for us. We had to leave to come back home on Tuesday, but loved getting to see David's mom, his sisters (ALL of them), and their families. It was a precious time with lots of sweet memories. It had been 5 years since we had seen Daree and her family, so we were especially glad they were able to come and spend the time with us as well. Thank you, Sharolyn, for hosting all of us and making us feel so at home!


the wiedmaiers said...

we have an exersaucer in our attic... another road trip maybe? actually i am getting ready to consign it. hard to believe that time of year already!

the wiedmaiers said...

too fun... sam got a boomerang also. unfortunately it is on my parents roof! funny that both boys got bibles and boomerangs!

The Stein Family said...

Looks like you had a great visit with Davids Family -- Where do you do your blog book through? I recently found a place and ordered one for 2008's posts, but for 2009 I was over the alloted 1000 pics - so I'd have to break it into 2 books - bummer!

Courtney said...

boomerangs - fun!!
that looked like a FULL house! but lots of fun memories!!

anthonyandbeth said...

i love that y'all aren't 15+ hours away from them anymore! :) i think it's awesome that all the siblings could be together this time. i know there were lots of wonderful memories made! ;)