Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Imagine my surprise when CALEB was the first one awake at 7:15 am on Christmas morning!! It was a pleasant surprise, I must admit! I was downstairs nursing Caleb when the boys stumbled out of bed about 20 minutes later. They came downstairs, saw their stockings laid out, and the first words out of their mouths were "Mom! We have to fill up Dad's stocking!" (I had told them the night before that we would fill David's stocking in the morning - so they could be a part of it). We hurried to fill it up, and then they started opening their own stockings.

Then Callie came downstairs and the boys wasted no time in showing her what to do! :) She was a quick study too!

Jacob had been with me during most all of our shopping excursions, so he played a BIG role in choosing the things for David's stocking. He loved watching David open his stocking!
After stockings, we headed up to finish our Jesse Tree. What a wonderful tradition this has turned out to be - this was my FAVORITE new thing that we started this year! (Judy - thank you SO much for teaching me about this one!! I've blogged about this right? Anyways, it was a great way to have our bible time that morning, and the kids were so excited to finish it!

Then we went back downstairs, and while I made breakfast, the boys started to work on sorting out the presents. (Sidenote: there were no Christmas morning donuts! :( In VA, our donut store was open on christmas morning. Here in SC, Krispy Kreme is CLOSED! I found this out on Christmas Eve, when I called at 1:55 PM and they told me they were closing in 5 minutes! So I couldn't even pick them up the day before!). Anyways, we had cinnamon rolls and eggs instead, and nobody even seemed to notice. David and I had chipped beef gravy - YUM! The kids worked on their piles and cracking "the code". We finally had to give them quite a few hints. On the presents to the kids from us, their presents were coded with 1, 2, 3, or 4. (Can you figure out the code? :) ) Josiah kept saying "there's no code mom - only numbers!" We gave them a few hints, and finally Jacob was the one that said "So Caleb is #4 because he's the 4th child!" And then the lightbulbs went off! It was very fun!
Sleepy, sweet boy!
Mom wrapped Callie's presents in this adorable Dora Christmas wrapping paper, and she was BEYOND excited to open them! She knew just what to do this year! :)
Josiah opening his present that Jacob picked out for him.

Mom got the boys nerf guns this year! :)
Mom got Callie strawberry shortcake and lemon meringue dolls (and they smell so good!)

....she got a My Little Pony....
Kelli found the boys these cool Marvel/Justice League shirts...
Kim got the boys some little star wars guys...

Kelli also got the boys these cool little remote control droids - R2D2 and another little black droid from Star Wars - they are so cute!
They were so excited they actually stopped opening for a few minutes to play with them!
Callie stopped to play for a bit was so nice that we had no agenda. Don't get me wrong - I DEFINITELY missed seeing my family, but it was kind of nice not having anywhere to go, nobody coming over at a certain time - we could totally just let the kids be and decide when and where and what. It was great.

My Dad got Callie this set of Graco stuff - a pack & play, stroller, car seat, and swing - all for her baby dolls, and it looks JUST like the real stuff! RIGHT up her alley! :)

We get each of our kids 3 gifts, modeled after the 3 gifts from the wise mean. 1 physical (something for their body - clothes, shoes, etc), 1 emotional (whatever they LOVE - a toy, game, movie, etc), and 1 spiritual (something for their spiritual development - a book, a Christian game/toy, CD, etc). Josiah's spiritual gift this year was a bible. A REAL bible. He knows the books of the bible now (we LOVE AWANA!!) and so he has been learning how to look up references in the Bible. It's neat seeing this process of memorizing Scripture, and then learning how to look them up and find them himself in the word! So he got a real Bible, and is reading here what David inscribed in it.
Jacob's spiritual gift was a Bibleman costume! :)

Callie's emotional gift was a dora house (someone actually gave us this as a hand-me-down...but it was so nice that I wrapped it up and gave it to her for Christmas! Talk about a blessing!)
Jacob's emotional gift was the Bat-Cave! :)

Is that a car driving on my ceiling?
Yep, it sure is! Dad got the boys these cool, Zero Gravity remote control cars. They can drive UP a wall, or even on the ceiling! Crazy!
Later that afternoon, they boys played with the new playdoh set that Jacob got from Kristen.
Callie spent much of the afternoon looking like this. Unpacking all the Dora house stuff...surrounding herself with it, grouping like items together, etc. It was a hoot!
It was really a wonderful day. Just so relaxing. Several of us stayed in our pjs all day long - and loved it. We all just played. Because we knew we were leaving the next day for Memphis, I didn't do a big Christmas dinner. David and I actually had ribeye steaks later that night after the kids were in bed! :) It was a WONDERFUL Christmas day!


the wiedmaiers said...

chipped beef gravy... gross and how come i didn't know this about you? sam's spiritual gift was a bible also... he took it to school for show and tell! isn't it funny to watch little girls arrange and rearrange their things?

Judy said...

Love the cars that drive on the ceiling! Christian would love that! I'm glad you guys had a nice relaxed Christmas day! I think that's the best kind of day to have when you have little kids!

Abby had that Dora house and it is a lot of fun. It looks like Callie is having a great time with it. She's looking so much older these days.

anthonyandbeth said...

i can't say enough about how much i love being in our own home on Christmas morning. i'm glad your day was so relaxed and the kids could just play and play! looks like a lot of fun new things to enjoy!

anthonyandbeth said...

i forgot to mention the bible man costume! that is GREAT! jackson will LOVE seeing that when we come and visit. :) i have the theme song in my head right now...

The Stein Family said...

Don't you love Christmas morning?! This is the first year in a few years that we've actually spent Christmas moring in our own house -- It was nice!

Mandy said...

Sadie got a Dora house too (that was also a hand-me-down from a friend...can't be beat! Jake got one of the Zero gravity cars, but our walls have too much texture for it to We'll have to bring it to your house next time! ;)

Annelise & Ethan said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing Christmas. Annelise was reading your blog with me and said that she wanted to play with toys. She must be impressed with the Dora house too :)

Courtney said...

what a perfect day! love the picture of josiah reading what david wrote in his bible. and love that you guys had a relaxing day...nice, huh??