Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Expo!

After lunch, we headed downtown to the EXPO!!! This is where you pick up your race numbers, timing chips, and goody bags!! It's all part of the whole race experience - we love it!
Here we all are - walking in!!
Kelli, Dad, Kim, Rita (holding Caleb), Kristen, and Josiah. Scott (Kelli's husband) stayed home with a napping Joseph and Callie
Kelli, our team captain, picking up our bib numbers for the relay!!!

Here's the 4 Sisters Relay team! :) (And this is about when Kim and Kristen started asking "are you really going to take pictures of this whole thing??) YES!!

This cracks me up. Kristen is the in the back, shooting dagger at me for taking YET another picture, Kim looks WAY too excited about this whole EXPO thing, and Kelli's looking nervous that the other two sisters might back out of the whole thing...which they almost did!
Look at these cute shirts Kelli and I found! They say "Marathon Mom". I thought they were on sale and we were going to buy them, but they weren' we didn't. Bummer. I loved them!
My kids have been to 4 or 5 BIG races now. They know the drill and they love it! They love the expos - Josiah especially loves all the samples from the vendors! :)

Publix was one of the main sponsors - LOVE IT - and this was their "spin the wheel game".
Kim & Kristen won backpacks. My kids & I won foot massagers and first aid kids - both very handy! :)
LOVE these expo games! The best thing about Publix being a sponsor is that there was a coupon in my goody bag!! (There were Chick-fil-A coupons too - love it!)
This is one of the things my boys specifically look for at every expo - they are experts now on these massage sticks!
These race shirts crack me up! This one says "If found on ground, please drag across finish line."
Kristen, Katy, my Dad, Kelli, Kim
(and look at our HUGE goody bags from Dick's sporting goods!)
This was the other thing that the boys always look forward to - making the signs! :)

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